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Dr. Ravi Kancharla


My experience in Homeopathy goes back to my personal experience with a Homeopath as a teenager.

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Homeopathy is a method of treatment that helps all kinds of health issues.

Homeopathy is a very effective, natural and complete system of medicine. This method uses small amounts of natural medicinal substances to support, balance, and stimulate your body’s defence system in order to fight sickness.

Homeopathic treatments respond to sickness by treating your whole system, meaning your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

It is important that your homeopath know about all your ailments, even if they are not related to your present illness.  This is true, even when your symptoms seem quite intense.

Homeopathy treats each person differently.  These treatments are designed for your personal ailments, and this process is very individualized.  When we start experiencing mild symptoms of our illness, our own bodies begin the process of healing and treatments help boost this natural process. Overall health and well-being is achieved, because the treatment responds not only to your sickness but your entire system. In  Greek    Homoios  means  SIMILAR  and  Pathos  means   DISEASE

 Dr. Samuel Hahnemann   a  Gereman    physician  has introduced  homeopathy  in  1810.     While  working  on     “ Cinchona ( Quinine)  he  discovered  that if it is  given   regularly for some   days  to  a  healthy person, it has  produced chilliness, fever with thirst, heat waves sweat, weakness,  dizziness   fatigue etc.,  if  the   same   remedy  given  methodically  to a  patient  having  the  above    symptoms  the  person  is  cured.  This   led  him to  understand  that  the  remedy  which  can  cure the sickness,   should  produce   the  symptoms   in healthy  individual.   Any  remedy   has  this   qualification  has  extreme  effects  to cure  any  sickness.   This is  the  first  step    towards   developing  homeopathy.

Dr.Samuel Hahnemann has to experiment further his theory of the Law of Similar. Similia Simililbus Curantur which means similar cures similar.Homeopathy follows fundamental natures law in order to bring back balance and harmony in your health.


A few years ago, after moving to Japan, I started getting very bad allergies in the spring and fall and many sinus infections. I went from doctor to doctor, but nothing ever really helped and anything I tried always left me feeling worse with very bad side effects, like nausea, headaches and drowsiness.

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